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The origin of the program

In order to help promote industrial upgrading and transformation, the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs promotes the "Industrial Upgrading Innovation Platform Guidance Program", through the subsidy mechanism to cooperate with the government's important industrial policies, to guide the industry developing products or services with market competitiveness, enhance independent research and development energy, assist in construct the formation of my country's innovation ecosystem to enhance the added value of Taiwan industries, optimize the industrial structure, and connect the international market.

Promotion method

Manufacturer Customized Project(BOTTOM-UP)

  • The R&D project is proposed by the manufacturer, and conducts review immediately when receiving application documents
  • The subsidy rate is capped at 40%

Theme lead(TOP-DOWN)

  • The government formulates theme programs and adopts aperiodic announcements
  • The subsidy rate is more than 40%

Program type

The plan starts from the four strategies of boosting value/quality, complementing key points, developing systems, and cultivating emerging industries, and fully integrates the policy content of "5+2 industrial innovation" and "forward-looking infrastructure construction", and leverages the spirit of "platform" to gather resources and connect all parties to help the industry facing challenges and smoothly transforming and upgrading.

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